White river rafting is an awesome adventure, and most outdoor lovers think that it’s one of the best and ultimate activities that one shouldn’t miss. Even if you’re a beginner or a pro, if you are faced in a new or difficult river, you wouldn’t want to risk your life by riding your raft right away. This is where the importance of hiring a guide comes in. A raft guide is a professional who is trained and capable of leading rafting trips. Here are some important details that you will want to take note when considering a raft guide:

Why You Should Consider Hiring A Guide In A New Or Difficult River
  • For beginners, hiring a raft guide can show you cool stuffs that you can learn before the rafting takes place. You will be trained on how to rig and maneuver vessels. You will also be oriented about the hazards and river flow. You will also learn how scouting and running rapid is done as well as the basics of river rescue procedures during emergency situations.
  • Hiring a raft guide in a certain area will give you an advantage in planning your trip before your adventure on the white water starts. They mostly know the safe and unsafe zones and can assist you on how to get through it carefully.
  • A guide is more familiar with the river’s characteristics and landscape.
  • A guide is certified for the job. Such certification may include basic First Aid and CPR, Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness First Aid, White Water Rescue, Swift Water Rescue or Emergency Medical Technician.
  • A guide is also more aware with the appropriate paddling techniques that will have to be used in a certain area of the river.
Why You Should Consider Hiring A Guide In A New Or Difficult River

Raft guides are usually employed by rafting companies, and if you consider hiring one, you will have to take note of their rate and they are usually paid by the trip. Keeping yourselves safe while on the water is always best with a professional cleaner and highly trained guide.