A List Of Equipment That You Need For Rafting

Posted: 7th April 2013 by Rafting Tips in Safety Info

White river rafting is one adventure that you really want to try, especially if you love outdoor activities.If you’re still new in river rafting and you don’t have much idea on what you’re supposed to bring for the trip, then you will want to take note of the following details. Below is a list of equipment that you will need for your rafting adventure:

  • Lifejacket – no matter what class of river you’ll be choosing, pro or not, this is one valuable item that is a must-have in every rafting trip. It provides safety and protection, especially if the raft turns over or you fall from it.
  • Dry bags – It keeps your things afloat and dry. You will need your clothing, valuables and other important items protected from water.
  • Helmet – this is another important piece that you should never forget, especially if you want to go rafting on class 3 and above rivers. This can protect your head from any unwanted injury such as hitting the rocks.
  • Wet suit – some may not see this as necessary equipment but this is good for anyone who wants to be protected from any unknown objects that are in the water. It can increase one’s body warmth and water can just run off from your body.
  • Footwear made for water – this item can definitely protect your feet from any sharp objects or rocks in the water. It also insulates the feet of an individual and helps keep the balance in slippery rocks.
  • Rafting Paddle – all water rafters needs this piece of equipment to control the raft.
  • Sunglasses with strap – this helps in getting a clear view of what’s ahead of you. It also serves as protection for your eyes from the sun.
  • Water container – basic need for survival is water, and you don’t want to drink the water from the river. Staying away from dehydration is also another important factor that is why a water container is very essential.
  • Neoprene gloves – a waterproof neoprene gloves is very helpful in maintaining one’s hands dry and grip, especially if you’re riding for long hours.
A List Of Equipment That You Need For Rafting

Other equipment that you can include in your adventure:

A List Of Equipment That You Need For Rafting
  • Sun block and lip balm.
  • Waterproof camera.
  • Energy bar.
  • Zip lock bags to keep some of your important things dry.
  • Towels
A List Of Equipment That You Need For Rafting

Without the proper equipment for rafting, you will never make the most out of this type of outdoor activity. It is best to plan ahead and prepare the necessaries by making a checklist for the trip. Even pros forget some things and you don’t want to miss out anything, especially if it’s really a necessity. Have a safe trip in this awesome sport of water rafting