When we hear the words white water rafting, we always perceive it as an intense and dangerous outdoor activity. True, but not all the time since it will also depend on several factors. Anyone can try this outdoor trip because the levels of difficulties are actually divided into six according to the International Scale of River Difficulty. From beginners to pros, there are different classes that may suit their want for adventure. Below are the details that you will want to remember:

White Water Rafting Challenges: A Discussion On The 6 Levels Of Classes
  1. Grade 1 – skill level required here is very basic. There are only very few areas that are rough, which might just require a minor maneuvering. This spot is perfect for family with kids and beginners or adventurers who just wants to try it out.
  2. Grade 2 – the skill level that is required here is the basic paddling skill. This may include some rough waters with a little bit of rocks maybe, which may also need a bit of maneuvering. Here, beginners or family with kids may still try it but it will also depend on the rules and regulation of the rafting company.
  3. Grade 3 –the skill level needed here is having an experience in paddling skill. There is white water in this class, small waves and may also have a small drop which is not considered to be a danger. Significant maneuvering may be required.
  4. Grade 4 – the participant must already have white water experience for the skill level. It consists of white water, may have some rocks, medium-sized waves, and it might also have a considerable drop and sharp maneuvering may actually be needed.
  5. Grade 5 – one should have an advanced white water experience with regards to his or her skill level. There is white water, large volume, large-sized waves, hazards and large rocks may be possible, which is why this class will require precise maneuvering.
  6. Grade 6 – skill level here should have successfully completed Class 6 rapid without obtaining any serious injury. Rapids here are considered to be very dangerous. There is significant white water, huge rocks as well as hazards, huge waves, substantial drops that usually have severe impact. There is higher chance of injury or death if compared to the previous grades mentioned earlier. It’s considered to be suicidal and if you survive here, consider yourself being lucky.
White Water Rafting Challenges: A Discussion On The 6 Levels Of Classes

These are the different white water rafting challenges in this great outdoor activity. If ever you would like to try it, see to it that you evaluate first the class that you would like to take for you to know the appropriate steps or lessons that you need to undergo.