White Water Rafting Adventure: What You Should Wear

Posted: 21st September 2013 by Rafting Tips in Safety Info

White water rafting is simply an adventure that you don’t want to miss. The ecstatic beauty of nature and exciting rapids of the river will definitely make your outdoor experience unforgettable. If you are new to this, knowing what to wear in this ultimate trip is very important. Below is a list that you will want to take note:

  1. Summer:
    • The temperatures are usually warm including the water and you will only need to be concerned about how you can protect yourself from the heat of the sun.
    • It is best to wear old sneakers or river sandals for your footwear. For the body, you will want to wear your bathing suit and nylon shorts.
    • You will also want to bring along a long-sleeve shirt that is synthetic or a light windbreaker just in case there will be sudden change in the temperature.
    • Sun block is also a need.
  2. Spring and Fall:
    • Do not use cotton since it can make you colder, especially if it gets wet.
    • For your base layer, it is best to choose Capilene, Polypropylene and a few other synthetic types of clothes. They are especially designed to keep moisture away from one’s body because they do not absorb water to keep you feeling more comfortable.
    • A fleece or pile may be added to your mid layer to keep you insulated and warm.
    • Paddle jackets are best for your outer layer to block the water. Coated nylon or waterproof-breathable shells can also be good options. Ponchos do not work well so don’t use it.
    • A wet suit is also recommended in a rafting adventure trip.
    • Neoprene booties or socks are also a necessity in this time of the year. You should then wear fleece or wool socks with your sneakers, and keep your hands protected by using neoprene, wool or fleece gloves.
White Water Rafting Adventure: What You Should Wear

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