What You Should Know About White Water Rafting For Family

Posted: 18th January 2013 by Rafting Tips in Safety Info

Isn’t it fun to spend time with your family and do outdoor activities? Of course it is, but some are hesitant to try out water rafting with their family. This may be considered an extreme outdoor adventure but this can also be done even with your kids. Here are some important details that you should know about family white water rafting:

What You Should Know About White Water Rafting For Family
  • You may choose to have the half day trip or overnight adventures.
  • Adventurers usually team up in the white water rafting trip using a large raft with one guide in every raft.
  • Every member should paddle and will have to listen and follow the instructions of the guide or team leader .
  • The trip usually starts with a short training discussion wherein everyone who are joining are expected to be beginners, which is why you do not need to worry about having no experience in white water rafting.
  • There are rules and regulations provided by river rafting companies for kids who would like to participate. There are also specific age brackets as to which trips suits them best.
  • The easiest white water river rafting is Class I and II wherein most family trips are done here. Class III involves small waves and may also have a small drop, while Class IV will have medium waves, rocks and drops.
  • Kids that are over 8 years old may be permitted to do Class III, which is more fun and exciting for them.
  • There are many budget-friendly white water rafting vacation packages that you can avail. The first thing that you need to do is to look for places that are known to have good white water rafting reputation.
  • The river changes depending on the time of the year, which is why it is best to make plans ahead and choose the right schedule so that you can enjoy this outdoor adventure.
What You Should Know About White Water Rafting For Family

Now you have an idea that it is indeed possible to do white river rafting with your family.Local water rafting enthusiast  contributed to this article.