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Posted: 1st February 2014 by Water Admin in Safety Info

White Water Rafting – South Fork American River Great white water rafting tips  by Travertine Cleaning


Posted: 30th January 2014 by Water Admin in Safety Info

Finding the right Rafting Trips for families can be difficult. There is alot of things to consider.Here are some things to find out before you go. Make sure they accept all ages of kids on the trip All kids need to have proper fitting life jackets Kids are recommended to be a level 3 swimmer […]

9 Helpful Safety Tips For White Water Rafting

Posted: 28th November 2013 by Rafting Tips in Safety Info

White water rafting is considered to be the ultimate adventure to most outdoor lovers out there. Everyone knows how important safety is, which is why before involving yourself into this kind of escapade, you should prepare ahead by keeping these 9 simple safety tips that you can take note for white water rafting. Wear your […]

White Water Rafting Adventure: What You Should Wear

Posted: 21st September 2013 by Rafting Tips in Safety Info

White water rafting is simply an adventure that you don’t want to miss. The ecstatic beauty of nature and exciting rapids of the river will definitely make your outdoor experience unforgettable. If you are new to this, knowing what to wear in this ultimate trip is very important. Below is a list that you will […]

White Water Rafting In Zambezi

Posted: 11th August 2013 by Rafting Tips in Safety Info

White water rafting is an outdoor activity for individuals who love recreational challenge. It usually uses an inflatable raft when navigating the river. It is called white water because of its unstable and aerated current wherein the frothy water looks white, and this gives the raft passengers thrill and excitement. However, this is known to […]

When we hear the words white water rafting, we always perceive it as an intense and dangerous outdoor activity. True, but not all the time since it will also depend on several factors. Anyone can try this outdoor trip because the levels of difficulties are actually divided into six according to the International Scale of […]

Most people really dislike flooding, but to all outdoor lovers who love rafting, the case is a lot different. This is considered to be a great experience to all paddlers out there because waters in this type of situation can bring anyone into a whole different level of excitement and danger, which gives anyone a […]

A List Of Equipment That You Need For Rafting

Posted: 7th April 2013 by Rafting Tips in Safety Info

White river rafting is one adventure that you really want to try, especially if you love outdoor activities.If you’re still new in river rafting and you don’t have much idea on what you’re supposed to bring for the trip, then you will want to take note of the following details. Below is a list of […]

White river rafting is an awesome adventure, and most outdoor lovers think that it’s one of the best and ultimate activities that one shouldn’t miss. Even if you’re a beginner or a pro, if you are faced in a new or difficult river, you wouldn’t want to risk your life by riding your raft right […]

5 Great Tips On How To Get Started With White Water Rafting

Posted: 13th February 2013 by Rafting Tips in Safety Info

If you’re a beginner in white water rafting, then it is best not to push yourself to try it right away. This type of outdoor activity is considered to be extreme, dangerous, fun and can definitely make your adrenaline rush. Here are some helpful tips on how you can get started in white water rafting: […]