Most people really dislike flooding, but to all outdoor lovers who love rafting, the case is a lot different. This is considered to be a great experience to all paddlers out there because waters in this type of situation can bring anyone into a whole different level of excitement and danger, which gives anyone a feeling of intense emotions. But there are 5 things that you need to watch out for when rafting after a big rainstorm, below are the details:

5 Things To Watch Out For When Rafting After A Big Rain Storm
  1. Debris in the water – everything on land that is near the river will be washed away into the river. This may include logs, branches, trees and many others. Assign someone to keep an eye of such things since this can make things more difficult and dangerous.
  2. The change of water conditions – the high volume of water can change a river wherein rocks may be moved, new boulders will be washed into the river that can cause obstruction, and this can change the holes or where the waves are or even the whole landscape of the river.
  3. Strainers – here, the washed debris into the river are collected against each other than can cause obstruction and danger. This can also change the river’s direction, and if you’re stuck in it, you will have to climb on top of it. As much as possible, stay away from such death trap.
  4. The rise of the water’s level – this is normal since severe rains can make the water rise. It will intensify everything that you need to watch out for and having an evacuation plan will be a good idea.
  5. Strong currents – high volume of water and increased obstructions can make the current of the river very strong. This means that you should be very careful if you want to reach one place to the other.
5 Things To Watch Out For When Rafting After A Big Rain Storm

No matter how great the experience will be, it should always be done with precaution.